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Nationwide Jewellers Group

Nationwide Jewellers Group

Exclusive to Nationwide Members

At Nationwide Jewellers, we strive to provide an edge for our Member Jewellers with a number of exclusive initiatives.

Below are some of the programmes we are successfully running.

Antwerp Diamond Broker Programme

Our comprehensive Antwerp marketing programme has assisted numerous members in growing their diamond sales. Appointment as an Antwerp Diamond Broker™ (one of our registered trademarks) enables members to establish themselves as the diamond expert in their area.

Members promoting their Antwerp trips usually pre sell $20,000 to $100,000 in diamonds. The record for a single store on one trip is $226,000 in pre sold diamonds. It is not uncommon for members to tell us that the Antwerp programme was the most successful event they have done in their business life.

Custom Design Jewellers

The growth in demand for custom designed and manufactured jewellery has been increasing every year for almost ten years. Our Custom Design Websites (Australia and New Zealand) are a listing service for those members providing custom design services to consumers. The sites rank extremely well on search engines in both countries. Custom Design Jewelllers is a registered trademark in both countries.

Visit Custom Design Jewellers Australia

Visit Custom Design Jewellers New Zealand


Flame is our registered trademark for the promotion of lab grown diamonds that we source direct from the overseas factories